Affiliated to the GCCF

Established 1985

Showing Your Cat

What would you like to know?

The Maine Coon Cat Club Show

  • Usually takes place in late September each year. Click here for details of the venue, entering a cat or coming along to visit on the day (open to the public)

Showing your cat with the GCCF

  • Links to the GCCF site and explains how to enter a cat show and what you need to do

Maine Coon Cat GCCF Standard of Points

  • The breed description and Standard of Points for Maine Coons being shown with the GCCF

Training Seminar

  • Links to a downloadable PowerPoint presentation. A very useful presentation for judges, stewards, breeders, exhibitors and anyone interested in learning more about the Maine Coon. It details the various parts of the cat, illustrated by photos.