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Often the cats that need a new home find themselves in this situation through no fault of their own. The reasons for re-homing are numerous and can vary from an allergy to cats within the household, emigrating to another country or breakdown of a marriage or partnership. Most of the cats looking for new homes have no known medical or behaviour problems, although occasionally they do  and you need to have a long chat with the current owner to gain a full understanding of any issues with the cats.


Many of the cats tend to be older – it is very rare to have a kitten that requires a new home. Some cats need to go to homes where there are no other animals or children. Others have no problem with this - it all depends on the individual cat. The website has all the current cats available and it will be updated weekly. You CANNOT sell your cat on this site, all cats go FREE of charge, although obviously we do accept donations as we often have to pay for veterinary bills on cats being rehomed.


If you need to rehome a maine coon, then you can contact me to have their details added to the website (

If you wish to rehome a maine coon, please check on this website. I do not keep a list of people offering a home so please do not contact me or please don't be offended if I don't reply, I have people contacting me daily.




  Mack                                  Maui                                 Shatsa 

Mac, Silver Tabby Male and Maui, Black Smoke and White female are 12 year old Maine Coon siblings who have always lived with 12-year-old red tabby Maine Coon Shasta. They are all neutered and vaccinated and there are no health issues.

They have always lived as a family indoors and need to be re-homed together. They lived for all their lives with their widowed owner but unfortunately, she has need to go in to care so they now need a new loving home. 

They have not lived with other cats or dogs and would probably suit a home where they can receive regular company and are the only pets They have also never been around young children.  They will need regular grooming, and all have different reactions to this but have all recently visited a groomer for a trim.

They have always been indoor cats, but have previously had access to a catio, so this would be ideal if they could have access to this. 

They all have their own personalities; Maui will jump on your knee whereas Shasta will like to snuggle up next to you. Mac is not so tactile but loves to be stroked and will often lie on his back for a tickle. 

They’ve had a bit of time where they have missed being with a devoted owner and will love to be able to receive the attention they love. 

If you can offer these cats their forever home please contact our rehoming coordinator Jacky at  There will be a £150 rehoming donation



Panda ( Pandora) is a 2 years 10 month, pedigree brown tortie,  Maine coon spayed female. She will be fully vaccinated on a restart by the time she leaves me. She is wormed to date and has just be treated with stronghold plus for fleas worms and mites. 

Pandora has recently been FELV and FIV snap tested clear. She is also microchipped. 

She has been vet checked with no issues found by our vet.


Pandora is struggling to settle around dogs and other cats. It’s clear that her recent past before returning to me was one which was filled with fear and negative associations with other cats and dogs. Pandora was found roaming on the streets after her owner relocated, leaving her to fend for herself. As such she is extremely friendly as local people were feeding and taking her into there homes daily. She isn’t particularly shy around strangers and absolutes adores calm older children. 


Pandora is a clean cat who has adapted to indoor life in a stressful way. She doesn’t feel safe to use the litter tray or eat unless someone is around her. She is probably going to need a lot of confident reassurance that you won’t leave her, also someone would need to be around a lot of the time for her. She is however happy to settle either with you or away from you on the floor or sofa. She has displayed attempted escape behaviours when she feels threatened, or because her previous routine was uncertain. Someone would need to be confident in being able to keep her safe as she will run out of doors at lightening speed then panic. 


Pandora loves a belly rub and will roll and purr and chip and is very chatty and I would describe her as a very friendly happy cat. However, she remains a constant flight risk due to constantly leaving homes and someone would absolutely have to have safe very secure outdoor cat fencing or a suitable large cattio attached to the home, so she can come in and out as she pleases. This must be absolutely non negotiable and in place before she is rehomed. 


Pandora does not like dogs or cats  at all, due to being picked on, in the streets she has developed a stress response from interactions with other cats that results in her activating her flight response. She may come to harm with loud environments, and can be very grumpy and unhappy if you persist around other cats. I strongly believe this cat would suffer in the long run to try and intergrate her further with a resident cat or dog. 


Ideally Pandora would love a female owner as that is all she has really known and someone who is very hands on with wanting her to be very much part of there life and soul. She loves people and is her happiest with consistent routine and attention. She will spend her day chirping purring and rolling for fuss on your lap. 


Pandora comes from healthy lines of Maine coons, she is hereditary clear of all Maine coon related genetic diseases and her family are heart scanned and health tested. 


Aside from all this we have the underlying concern that Pandora may have had a fall or been injured in the past. Although no clear signs of this are showing now, I have noticed she isn’t as agile as you would expect and she falls from time to time, as such someone would need to understand that there may be lasting effects on Pandora from a past we aren’t fully aware of.  As such it would be recommended that any catio or indoor trees aren’t too high or present a falling risk for her. 


It’s absolutely imperative that Pandora finds a forever amazing 5 star home, ideally I would like to stay in touch to support the transition and ensure that Pandora is happy. 


If you think you can give Pandora, the forever home she deserves then please contact our rescue coordinator Jacky at


There will be a £200 rehoming donation.




Sadly, we can no longer keep our very beautiful boy, Bertie. My wife has become horribly allergic to him and it’s making her very ill. 


Bert is 20 months old and fairly laid back. He loves kisses and cuddles and being around his person. But very much on his own terms. He also needs his alone time. He’s incredibly vocal, chirping and chatting throughout the day (and night). He’s not a fan but does need to be brushed every day and needs an indoor home only, but access to a catio would be great. He would be perfect for an experienced Maine Coon owner looking for a companion. He lives with two small dogs, and they get on very well. I don’t think he would be happy with small children or other cats.



I’m utterly devastated, but his life has become so restricted and it’s not fair.

 If you can offer Bert his forever home then please contact our rehoming coordinator . There will be a rehoming donation of £200




Oscar is a 2-and-a-half-year-old ginger Maine Coon, neutered and vaccinated. He is looking for a loving home due to his human passing away suddenly. 

He has not lived with children or dogs, and although he did live with 2 other cats, would be best suited to being the only pet. He'd prefer a home with retired or semi-retired humans as he loves company and having someone to play with or to give him attention. He's always been an indoor cat and loves to have high places to sit and watch the comings and goings of his domain.


His coat does need grooming but will only tolerate very short sessions, so would need someone with patience to continue getting him used to being groomed. 

Once Oscar gets to know you, he will sit beside you and loves occasional gentle strokes.  Unfortunately, he is feeling unsettled due to the loss of his owner and a failed rehome (he didn't get on with the resident cat) so the person he picks will have to be patient with him while he settles in and allow him the time to feel secure. 

Bertie is not a good traveller so ideally he is looking for a home no further away than Sunderland, and towards Kendal in the Lake District and as far as Glasgow on the West Coast. So approximately 50 miles radius from where he is in Newcastle


If you think you can give Oscar, the forever home he deserves then please contact our rescue coordinator Jacky at . There will be a rehoming donation of £200.