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The GCCF Maine Coon Registration & Breeding Policy - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Does this apply to my breeding cats that I am already breeding from?


No, if you have a cat registered before 1st January 2024, you can continue to use them even if they have not been DNA tested or are positive cats.  Although we would hope eventually you would want to breed out any deleterious genes over time.


My cat is already registered on the GCCF non-active register. Does it need the DNA tests before I can transfer it to the active register?


Yes, all cats being newly registered or transferred to the active register from 1st January 2024 (i.e. imports, kittens, cats and transfers from GCCF non-active register) must be DNA tested before an application can be made. Imports require extra tests (see below), so please check with GCCF Office for what is required. 


Does this apply to imported neutered cats?


No, if your cat is not going to be used for breeding then you do not need to do any testing.  But you must provide a certificate of neutering with the cat’s details (registered name, date of birth, registration number, sex and microchip number (scanned and verified by a vet/vet nurse). The cat should not exhibit polydactyl, or chocolate, cinnamon, Siamese, and Burmese colour patterns.


Who can do the DNA tests?


Whereas previously individual breeders could undertake the DNA swabbing, this must now be done by either a vet or a vet nurse* (See note at end). The cat’s chip must be checked and entered on the form which must have a veterinary stamp.


Which lab should I use for DNA testing?


GCCF can advise which labs to use (Email: or telephone 01278 427575).  They are working with Langfords to create testing bundles for breeders.  The MCCC have put itself forward to be one of the early adopters but this is not confirmed as yet.


If the kitten I am going to use/sell for breeding is from DNA tested negative parents, do I need to test the kitten?


Currently until there are sufficient cats in the system whose tests have been verified by a vet or a veterinary nurse* (See note at end), with the chip checked and a veterinary stamp on the test form then your kitten must be tested. We hope over time that this will be able to be amended to negative by parent.

What is classed as an import?

Unless both parents are already GCCF active registered, any offspring will be an import into the GCCF register, even if they were born in the UK. If being registered on the active (breeding) register, the import cat will require negative DNA test results (see next question for actual tests required). Neutered cats do not require DNA testing, provided certain criteria have been met. (See Maine Coon Registration Policy).


What tests do I need to do if I am importing a breeding cat?


Maine Coons now require 8 DNA tests to be imported into the GCCF on the active (breeding) register, these are: HCMmc (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Maine Coon Type), SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), PKDef (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency), Polydactyl, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Siamese (cs) and Burmese (cb) Colours


I have polydactyl in my pedigree, can I register with GCCF?


You can as long as the kitten/cat has had the DNA polydactyl test and is negative and does not exhibit any appearance of polydactyl.


What about red series cats?


Red and cream cats, who have one or more tabby or shaded parents must be registered as red or cream tabbies or shaded until proven otherwise by genetic testing.  This needs to be supplied at time of registration.

Cats cannot be registered as red or cream tabby or shaded unless one parent is tabby (agouti).


Why can I no longer register cats which are heterozygous for HCMmc, SMA or PKDef from June 1st 2024?


When we were asked to amend our registration policy to add in DNA testing, we were advised to give a grace period for heterozygous cats of 6 months.  This was to allow breeders to become familiar with the new policy and for them to plan what they were going to do for future breeding stock.


Note: Veterinary Nurses being able to take a DNA swab for genetic testing is subject to GCCF approval in the near future. If approved, breeders can use either a qualified vet nurse or a vet to complete the swab and verify the microchip. Notification of this amendment if approved, will go on the Maine Coon Cat Club website to inform breeders. 


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