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Maine Coons come in a wide variety of colours - over sixty recognised by the GCCF!

For a full list of colour reference numbers, click here (PDF document)

Here we have a some of them to show you.


Classic Tabby (This one is with white) Mackerel Tabby (This one is with white)
Swirls of pattern on the body Stripes going vertically from the spine line
to the belly
Solids Tortoiseshells
The coat is one colour from the hair tip to the base The Tortoiseshell is a mixture of red and black
Smoke Shaded
Tortie Smoke & White. The tortie areas actually have a silvery white undercoat although it is not visible until the coat is parted. Smokes look like solids until the fur is parted to reveal the pale undercoat. The shaded cat has a lot of pale uncercoat visible, with a mantle of colour over the top, making it appear like it has just had coloured flour sprinkled on the coat.
Bi-Colour Parti-Colour
Has one colour, e.g. brown tabby or red, with white, usually to the limbs, tummy, chest and head. Has two colours, e.g. black & red, with white which is usually evidident on the limbs, tummy, chest and head.

To view individual colours within the patterns, click the appropriate title. 

Please note that all colours come with or without white.  Where possible, we have tried to obtain an example of each colour.

If there is a colour not illustrated, and you have a suitable photo that we can include, please e-mail it to Thank you in anticipation

BROWN TABBY SERIES - Brown Tabby, Blue Tabby
RED TABBY SERIES - Red Tabby, Cream Tabby, Tortie-Tabby, Blue Tortie-Tabby
SILVER TABBY SERIES - Silver Tabby, Blue Silver Tabby, Red Silver Tabby, Cream Silver Tabby, Tortie Silver Tabby, Blue Tortie Silver Tabby
SOLIDS - Black, Blue, Red, Cream, Tortie, Blue Tortie, White
SMOKES - Black Smoke, Blue Smoke, Red Smoke, Cream Smoke, Tortie Smoke, Blue Tortie Smoke
SHADEDS - Black Shaded, Blue Shaded, Tortie Shaded, Blue Tortie Shaded, Silver Shaded, Blue Silver Shaded, Red Silver Shaded, Cream Silver Shaded, Tortie Silver Shaded, Blue Tortie Silver Shaded

Our thanks to the following photographers for the use of their photos: Mario Mage, Alan Robinson, Animals Unlimited, John Daniels, Denise Gillaspy as well as individual owners and breeders for the use of their photos.