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Georgie & Tia need a new home due to my young Son being diagnosed with asthma caused by an allergy to cats. They have lived together since they were both kittens (they are just 3 months apart) so are both used to having each other around. They have both been spayed but their vaccinations are not up-to date. They havenít lived with any other animals but are used to children of all ages. They both go outside but are used to a quiet cul-de-sac location away from busy roads so they are best suited to somewhere similar. I have them both regularly groomed by a mobile grooming business who come to my house every 3 months. They use a cat litter tray (although Georgie doesnít always use this, Tia does). I would really love to try & rehome them together.


Georgie is a 14 year old brown tabby. She is a very independent cat who loves going outside but she doesnít venture too far from home. She has a gorgeous coat which takes little looking after. Whilst she can seem a little aloof, once she gets to know you she is very affectionate and playful & she is extremely agile.


Tia is a 13 year old silver tabby. She is a home loving cat who does go into the garden but much prefers to curl up in her bed. She has never been particularly agile and recently I have noticed she doesnít jump quite as easily as she used to. She has quite a greasy coat which easily gets matted so she does require regular grooming but this needs to be done in small doses as she doesnít like it very much. I have always kept her coat quite short to avoid too many knots & recently had it clipped very short. She is sick occasionally if fed only regular cat food so I  feed her dry food specifically for cats with sensitive stomachs in the morning & a regular wet cat food in the evening. She is extremely loving, affectionate & a very content cat.


If you can offer a home to Tia and Georgie then please contact Jo Langley on 07972 523698 or at









The club does not get involved in rehoming ex-breeding cats. If you are a breeder and are looking to rehome your ex-breeding queen or stud cat, then we ask that you make your own arrangements to do this. Thank you. 

All cats are taken at the owners own risk, the MCCC cannot be held responsible for health problems of any cats rehomed through this site.