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Often the cats that need a new home find themselves in this situation through no fault of their own. The reasons for re-homing are numerous and can vary from an allergy to cats within the household, emigrating to another country or breakdown of a marriage or partnership. Most of the cats looking for new homes have no known medical or behaviour problems, although occasionally they do  and you need to have a long chat with the current owner to gain a full understanding of any issues with the cats.


Many of the cats tend to be older – it is very rare to have a kitten that requires a new home. Some cats need to go to homes where there are no other animals or children. Others have no problem with this - it all depends on the individual cat. The website has all the current cats available and it will be updated weekly. You CANNOT sell your cat on this site, all cats go FREE of charge, although obviously we do accept donations as we often have to pay for veterinary bills on cats being rehomed.


If you need to rehome a maine coon, then you can contact me to have their details added to the website. If you wish to rehome a maine coon, please check on this website. I do not keep a list of people offering a home so please do not contact me.


Jacky Edwards at








Winnie is an almost 4 year old blue, silver blotched tabby and white Maine Coon who is looking for a loving home.  She is neutered and vaccinated and has been micro chipped. 

 We are really sad to have to rehome her but we're retiring and the home we're moving too doesn't allow pets.

She has not lived with other cats or dogs so would probably be best suited to being an only pet and with older children/teenagers, she likes the garden but we don't let her out of the front.  She loves to play and is happy getting plenty of attention but she's used to being by herself for long periods too.  She's a typical cat who spends a large percentage of the day asleep and then has a mad half hour.

 Her tummy can get a bit matted, so she does need regular grooming. This isn't a problem when she's in the mood.  

 She loves people and is a tactile, loving, very affectionate girl.

If you can offer her a home, please contact me via email on -

PLEASE NOTE: The club does not get involved in rehoming ex-breeding cats. If you are a breeder and are looking to rehome your ex-breeding queen or stud cat, then we ask that you make your own arrangements to do this.  We also do not rehome maine coon crosses.
Thank you. 

All cats are taken at the owners own risk, the MCCC cannot be held responsible for health problems of any cats rehomed through this site.