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Often the cats that need a new home find themselves in this situation through no fault of their own. The reasons for re-homing are numerous and can vary from an allergy to cats within the household, emigrating to another country or breakdown of a marriage or partnership. Most of the cats looking for new homes have no known medical or behaviour problems, although occasionally they do  and you need to have a long chat with the current owner to gain a full understanding of any issues with the cats.


Many of the cats tend to be older – it is very rare to have a kitten that requires a new home. Some cats need to go to homes where there are no other animals or children. Others have no problem with this - it all depends on the individual cat. The website has all the current cats available and it will be updated weekly. You CANNOT sell your cat on this site, all cats go FREE of charge, although obviously we do accept donations as we often have to pay for veterinary bills on cats being rehomed.


If you need to rehome a maine coon, then you can contact me to have their details added to the website ( ). If you wish to rehome a maine coon, please check on this website. I do not keep a list of people offering a home so please do not contact me or please don't be offended if I don't reply, I have people contacting me daily.


Cassie is a very beautiful MC girl, she is seven years old.  From day 1 she was very nervous so we gave her time and space to settle. Rather than improve her nervous nature became more obvious, she has not and never will be a lap cat. 
Where we lived she did have access to a safe garden, although it was ‘cat proofed’ Cassie soon showed nothing would keep her in the garden but she loved to roam the fields in summer, only when we were at home.

She has never been affectionate but much more confident at meal times when she would run round your legs, but pick her up and she’s rigid, trembling and want to not be held.

2 years ago we moved to Spain (much sooner than planned thanks to Brexit), my 2 cats went to stay with my parents, but, going outside wasn’t and still isn’t possible due to a road nearby. After nearly 12 months I was so concerned about Cassie’s quality of life I made the difficult decision to try to find her a new home, where she would be the only cat (she is bullied by both her companion and my parents Ragdoll boy) Very sadly this did not work out for Cassie, although she had seemed to settle very well, she had to return to my parents home, they were adamant this would never happen again and she’d stay here which she has. Following the death of my father, and deteriorating health of my Mum I am hoping to try again, but it has to be the right home for this beautiful, very shy girl.
Cassie is a silver tortie tabby, she does not like being groomed but will tolerate short sessions. Currently she lives her little life in the kitchen diner, if the study door is open she will hide and stay in there. When I do go to get her she cowers, as if expecting to be hurt, she has never been hurt and we don’t understand why she feels this way.

An ideal home for her would be with someone at home all day, with access to outside as she seemed to be so much happier when allowed outside so a home away from roads is a must. Definitely no children or dogs. I think she would be fine with a non dominant other cat.

Cassie used to come and sit next to me and loved to be stroked, from a distance but any sudden movements and she would jump down.

I would love this girl to have a home where she can blossom and flourish with someone who doesn’t have high expectations of her, and who knows how to deal with a timid cats. Rehoming fee applies.
If you can offer this lovely girl her forever home then please contact our rehoming officer Jacky Edwards at






Loca (left)  is a 5-year-old Red Silver tabby female who is looking for a new home. She has been neutered and has a lovely temperament. She is currently living with Winnie who is a 7-year-old brown and white tabby, neutered female, who is also looking for a new home. There are no other pets in the house but we do have 2 young daughters, so they are used to children. Winnie is more tolerant of the children than Loca is, but both cats are very affectionate and love to sit on a lap whenever they get chance. 


Unfortunately, over the last few years they have started to urinate in places other than their litter trays. After lots of discussions with vets, the breeder, and others I believe that it is due to stress. Although they live together, they are not best of friends which I think could be causing the behaviour mentioned above. 

I think Loca would be better suited to being an only cat in a quieter household.  She has always been a house cat whereas Winnie has had access to a catio before she came to us 4 years ago. Although they are house cats, I think both would love to have access to a catio or a secure garden. They have not been outside on the road at all and have zero road sense. 

Loca is very low maintenance in respect of grooming whereas Winnie is prone to some mats on  her tummy if not given a brush.

Both have microchips, but vaccinations are out of date. They have no health issues that I am aware of. 

If you could offer one of these girls their forever home please contact Jacky Edwards our rehoming co-ordinator at

There will be a rehoming fee of £150 per cat.


North London

Maximus is a 12-year-old black and white Maine Coon who is looking for a loving home. He is neutered and vaccinated and has been micro chipped.

Due to change of personal circumstances, we are moving to a flat without outside space. Maximus has been used to have access to the garden and surrounding areas. 

Maximus is sharing a home with a female cat but we believe he would prefer to be the only cat. He does not fight with the other cat but they are not friends, just tolerate each other.

Maximus is laid back, affectionate cat but with a strong stubborn character. His nickname is 'Houdini' as he always finds a way to escape if one tries to keep him fully indoors! Therefore, it is important that he is allowed outside. He is street wise so the garden would not need to be cat proof. Maximus is trained to use the cat flap, but it would need to be XL size to accommodate his size. He is toilet trained but prefers to do his business outside (away from his own garden...). Maximus does not hunt so do not expect any loving gifts at the doorstop from him.
Maximus likes to be vocal about his wishes and he loves singing you to sleep after his nice head/ears massage. He loves to sleep on the pillow with you.  

His coat tends to matt easily, so he does need regular brushing. This isn't a problem providing grooming sessions are kept quite short. No need to take him to grooming place. We have been on holiday and during this time Maximus managed to get his coat mattered enough to receive 'Lion Cut' style grooming look, which he is showing off now.

Maximus needs to be on Royal Canin Maine Coon dry food. Occasionally he gets 'Purina Gourmet Nature's Creations slow cooked mini chicken fillets' wet food and Dreamies as treats. If his diet is disturbed, he gets runs (did not happen for years) as all the neighbours were told not to feed him. He never asks for human food. So please be mindful of the cost of his diet.

Maximus has a clean bill of health, vet is actually amazed at how healthy he is for his age, especially with the dental. As Maxi is a senior cat, the cost of his health insurance needs to considered. 

We believe that despite Maximus is living with another cat he would be best suited to being an only pet due to the fact of stress of rehoming.  He possibly would suit a semi-retired home where new owners can give him time and affection. 

Once he gets to  know you, he is a tactile, loving, very affectionate boy and will bring lots of joy to you. 

Maximus will be rehomed with extra large covered cat litter bin, microchip feeder, 10kg of Royal Caning Maine Coon dry food bag, toys, medium size cat scratcher with comfortable seat, paperwork.

If you can offer Maximus a loving permanent home please contact our rescue coordinator Jacky at