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Maine Coon Cat Club Kitten List

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Breeders List Members - Please send your kitten details to Sarah Holden

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We aim to update this list on a weekly basis to give the latest information possible, but we rely on our breeders to keep us informed when they have kittens for sale and when they have been sold.

Maine Coon kittenIf you are considering a purchasing a Maine Coon Kitten, then there is information on how to go about this in our “Guide to buying a kitten” page. For a full list of breeders in your area, you may wish to visit our "Club Maine Coon Breeders” page as well as this one. Sometimes local breeders may have new kittens that they have not yet put on the list and it may be worth contacting them if there is nothing suitable on our current kitten list.

All breeders on this list have agreed to abide by the GCCF Code of Ethics for Breeders & Owners. However, the Maine Coon Cat Club cannot be held responsible for individual breeders, their cats and kittens or any information or advice they may give, or any agreements between parties.

The Kitten List is usually changed weekly and is in a pdf format, listed by area. If you are unable to open the kitten list document, please contact Sarah Holden (for details of kittens currently available in your area. Tel: 0772 0773718 (evenings only please), email:

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